Today is My One-Year VPN Anniversary

VpnToday is a big day for me. It is the one year anniversary of my starting to use a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a way of using the Internet without giving away your identity or location. Why is that important to me? A year and a half ago, I started going out with this woman. For more information, browse here.

For the first month or so, everything was cool. Then things got crazy. I think she was on drugs or something. She started calling me names, and of cheating on her. Then she started showing up where I worked and screaming accusations about me in the lobby.

I tried to get her to go to the doctor, but she wouldn’t. Then one day I found her on my laptop, reading all my mail and making copies of files saved on my laptop. When I told her to stop she started screaming again and threw the computer at me! I’m still lucky to have saved my file in an online cloud storage which is the MyPCBackup (mypcbackup is it the best? check it out).

VpnI pushed her out the door and called the cops, but she just kept showing up, so I quit my job and moved to another state in the middle of the night. After about a week, she showed up at the hotel I was staying in. When I asked her how she found me, she said she used some hacker program to find me on the Internet. Since I do a lot of work online, I thought I was doomed. That’s when I realized I needed a VPN.

While she was asleep, I went online and did some research. I found a hidemyass VPN review that sounded like it did exactly what I needed. A friend recommend Private Internet Access or PIA (check this out for pia review and speed test)I installed it, then grabbed my stuff and split. It’s been a year now and she hasn’t found me. If you need to protect your identity online, you need a VPN.

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