Attention VPN Users: BolehVPN Now Accepts BitCoin (Trial Run)

Are you a user of BolehVPN? If so, you may already heard about Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency – an open source project under active development.

BolehVPN is located in Malaysia, one of the only countries who do not have laws to take data from private servers. BolehVPN was set up 7 years ago and BolehVPN has grown from a startup project to one of the biggest VPN services coming from South-East Asia.

Currenly BolehVPN works will with own VPN servers in 11 countries including Canada,  China, Frane,  Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong.

All have been optimised to run perfectly the Boleh VPN. It really works on speeds and performance. BolehVPN is available on PC, Windows and Mac. It also offers OpenVPN protocol and L2TP in the United States and United Kingdom.

Finally BolehVPN found an acceptable solution to the Bitcoin problem.

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One of the main problems with BitCoins was that in Malaysia, exchanging BitCoins into Malaysian Ringgit was a very troublesome process. Likewise it involves massive transactional fees which did not make it viable.

BolehVPN is pleased to accept Bitcoins as a trial run.

BitCoins major advantage is that it is anonymous which is recommended for those looking for privacy from even payment processors for buying a VPN Service.




Block or Not To UnBlock? VPN and HMA Usage


Toying with the idea of blocking websites that promote violence, and are ‘harmful’ to their citizens, we are seeing this more and more governments doing this thing. Opinions of bloggers and freedom of expression advocate and personal views, who dare to criticize governments, are not welcome.

Where there is Internet Censorship there is a VPN. According to Mr. Wikipedia, Virtual Private Network or VPN extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it is directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. It is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryptions.

If you are keen to know more information about VPN, you may check out different VPN Reviews sites. VPN reviews sites that are not biased, reliable, and trustworthy and offer genuine reviews. You can also visit This site is page is composed of different VPN reviews.

An instance of a VPN is HMA or HideMyAss. Hidemyass strongly believe that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, and they greatly oppose governments who place blocks on websites denying their netizens the fundamental human right to access sites that they should have 100 per cent access to.

Internet users’ around the world use a VPN to access around website blocks, as well bypass government censorship.
As soon as you purchased an HMA! Pro VPN subscription, it will only take a few minutes to set it up on your Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone and then you’re ready to surf the net, access all your favourite websites, post on blogs, articles sites, forums and communicate with the outside world. Once you choose one of our VPN servers you are assigned one our IP addresses, your original IP is hidden from your ISP, therefore you are free to browse the internet without the worry of your government or ISP snooping on your online activities.

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MyPC Backup, Online Cloud Storage and Private Internet Access

online cloud storage

Hey,I’m seeing a lot of hype nowadays around mypcbackup CPA program in various networks. I have also heard of this affiliate program from a friend in the London, he said they have been promoting it and they are quite happy.

If you are interested to promote something this way, and you want to be sure if you are getting your affiliate commissions, you can buy the software yourself or get someone to buy it for you using your link, this way you can be sure of a sale and you will know 100% if you get your pay.

Let’s discuss MyPC Backup, Cloud Storage and PIA Review and Speed Test?

MyPC Backup If you are searching for a cloud backup servive, look none other than MyPC Backup. MyPC Backup provides unlimited storage at low price for just $6.95 per month.

What are the Pros?

  • Backups are fully automated, making backing up files easier than you have ever imagined.
  • MyPC Backup automatically backups your files according to the schedule you set.
  • It has multiple features such as the Supported Systems (supports service on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7), Backups (Simply choose the files and folders you want to backup, Upload the apps and you have instant access to your backed up files and Log into MyPC Backup’s website from any PC or mobile device and your files are waiting for you), Device Access, sharing (ability to share across social media and via email, and collaboration is made incredibly easy with the service), security, file restoration and support.No doubt! MyPC Backup is easy to use, with broad range of features and considered to be one of the top choices when it comes to online cloud storage options

Online Cloud Storage

Disaster strikes…or an unusual situation occurs…and you need to download those files from your cloud storage account to a new device…You’re not alone. There is a way to make the process simpler, quicker and smoother. Take a look on the list of Online Cloud Storage services featured on Cloud Back Up Mag.

Let’s Move On To Pia Review And Speed Test

Private Internet Access

Another efficient service is the Private Internet Access, it’s not an online cloud storage service, but it’s a VPN or Virtual Private Network Service that provides additional layers of security through encryption that is hard to penetrate. It allows you to protect your online activities from being seen by identity thieves and hackers. Once you use PIA, you can make sure that your online activity can go on unobserved by the authorities, especially in a country including China where the government monitors the Internet activity of visitors and citizens.

It’s really helpful to read the PIA review and Speed Test.

To help you find the best gateway to them, Private Internet Access provides the speediest page. Their speed tests can be seen at: VPN Speed Test. Best in class for speeds available is what Private Internet Access is considered. To enable for easy gateway switching, alternate configuration methods, auto-start and connect options, and advanced port information, PIA serves a simple application.